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If you have always wanted to own your home but are unable to secure conventional financing, our Home Purchase Solution may be an ideal option offering you a modern approach to Rent to Own. The program enables you to enhance your credit and financial position, so that lenders look more favorably upon you to qualify for financing.

The Home Purchase Solution offers a creative solution to the endless cycle of renting a home.  No matter what the reason you have not qualified for mortgage in the past, our Home Purchase Program may enable your potential to own a home.

Learn how you can achieve home ownership, even with a low credit score…

A Modern Approach to Home Ownership

Discover the benefits of the Home Purchase Solution a modern approach to Rent to Own. Overcome obstacles that are inhibiting your ambition to own a home.  Let’s work together with our Family First Strategy and introduce an approach that helps you achieve home ownership and stop renting, ideally suited for your circumstance!

We help design a solution by learning more about you and your family, consulting with you and answering any questions you may have about the program. Understanding your current situation, household income, credit score, existing debts/assets helps us work with you to set goals and create a pathway to home ownership.

A Southwest Ontario service …

Let’s work together, using our Family First Strategy, and help you more easily achieve home ownership and stop renting. Together we will design a solution suited to your particular circumstances.

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  • Choose your home: Most people prefer to choose their own home, we are there to help find a home that you can afford and meets your needs. You can take the time to investigate the home as well as research the neighborhood and/or schools.
  • Time: Before you get title to the home, you will typically have 12-60 months (depending on your agreement) to improve your credit, and find the best interest rates.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Maintenance is your responsibility. Problems or any maintenance that occurs are your expense – it is your home!
  • Customize your living space: Feel free to add a patio in the backyard, finish your basement, paint etc., subject to Grand River approval, until you are on title.
  • Freedom of choice: We are contractually obligated to transfer the property to you, once you have fulfilled all the conditions of the agreement for sale; however you have the liberty to cancel the agreement, should your circumstances change significantly.

  • Consider what your rent might be for exactly the type, size, and location of the home you would really want.
  • Factor in that you will probably be subject to annual rent increases.
  • Remember that the landlord will want a return on investment – that will be included in the rental cost, as will property taxes, and insurance.
  • At the end of your rental, you have NO stake in the home you rented, nor than you can remain it!

  • No Surprises or fine print: Everything is explained up front and there are no hidden costs – Grand River strongly recommends you obtain professional legal and financial advice before executing the agreement for sale.
  • Your opportunity to experience home ownership: If you’ve owned your own home in the past you’ll understand what we mean. Enjoy the feeling of being in control of your own living space.
  • You are there to stay: No need to fear that your landlord will sell the house.
    Create a more stable life for your family: Each year, you are creating roots within your community. Your children will grow up with the same friends at school and you will get to know many people in your neighborhood.

If you do not get approved by the Banks! What are your options? We review your situation and work with you to determine if our program is a good fit.  These are some scenarios that are open to consideration …

  • Good income but no credit history.
  • Have your own business.
  • Lack the down payment a bank requires.
  • Have credit issues as a result of bankruptcy, consumer proposal, divorce, job loss or health issues.
  • Facing non-renewal of mortgage, power of sale or foreclosure.

Facing Foreclosure. Turned down for a mortgage. Currently Renting. There may be an option for you to achieve home ownership.

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  • We develop ethical and transparent relationships with our colleagues.
  • Implement a proven system that will continuously provide sound, predictable, winning results.
  • Commit to rigorous screening and due diligence practices to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Remain accessible and responsive to our clients.
  • Developing and nurturing loyal relationships with our partners.

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