Once we have conducted an initial phone call or pre qualification we can quickly asses if the program is an ideal fit for you. Once we have determined if the program is a good fit and your comfortable we arrange an in person meeting to ensure we have answered all your questions.  Following this step we ask that you complete a full application, which entails gathering of information similar to the details you would provide when qualifying for a mortgage.  In addition we ask you to pull your own credit information (score and report), instead of us accessing your bureau so that we may help educate you on the steps to understand and read a bureau.

We then run a full analysis and provide a package outlining the type of program and payment options that may be best suited for you to consider. Once we have finalize a payment option and review the contract you then begin looking for homes that appeal to you and your family

In some instances may discover that you are better suited to obtain a mortgage and we will help you through the process.