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Why Choose HPS? Home Purchase Solution! A modern approach to Rent to Own

If you have always wanted to own a home, but were unable to secure conventional financing, our Home Purchase Solution may be an ideal alternative to renting a home. The program enables you to move in to your dream home today and offers the time required to improve or enhance credit while saving and building equity, so that lenders look more favorably upon you to qualify for financing.

Move into your dream home today, while saving towards the purchase of your home.

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    A Modern Solution

    Discover the benefits of HPS a modern approach to Rent to Own. Overcome obstacles that are inhibiting your ambition to own a home. Let’s work together with our Family First Strategy and introduce an approach that helps you achieve home ownership and stop renting, ideally suited for your circumstance!
    Many of our customers prefer to begin their Home Purchase program in a house that meets their family’s needs. If this is what you want, we will help you do just that. We work with you every step of the way to find and purchase the home of your choice. Our team of experts help ensure your home is a sound and worthwhile investment. We are your safety net when you are ready to make the leap into home ownership.

    However, there are other options;  For instance, you can customize the house to your preferences. We want you to treat the home as if you own it now. However, any work that is done must be done by a licensed contractor and must have a contract in place for any major renovations. Or, this may mean purchasing a multi-unit, or a home with a ‘granny’ suite. These options have some built-in benefits; the main one being that once you have assumed ownership of the home (the end of the term), you may have tenants paying most, if not all of your mortgage. payment.

    This is the length of time most people need to address issues such as down payment and credit that impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage.  Typical issues may include, but are not limited to:

    • I need to save towards a down payment
    • I need to stabilize my employment history
    • I need to establish credit
    • I need to repair credit

    …our Home Purchase Solution is tailored to ensure every client is given the attention to deal with details about credit and how lenders look upon your credit history. We work with you, we provide a detailed overview of your credit report, we review your credit with you. We expect you to access your own Equifax or Transunion reports as opposed to having an authorized representative pulling your reports, and possibly providing you with limited information about its contents and how to improve your score. Always ask yourselves – “who will help keep us on track to improve our credit?” This is a critical element of our program – we will not be successful unless you qualify for conventional mortgage.

    Our agreement allows you to move into the home immediately. This document is very similar to a purchase of sale agreement indicating your are in agreement purchase the home once you are able to qualify for a mortgage, and as long as you meet specific requirements. With this said, it is imperative that we help guide you throughout the program and work with you to help guide towards improvement of things such as  blemished credit.

    Our agreements are flexible in terms of the type of  payment terms offered and option to purchase earlier than anticipated if desired and able to qualify for mortgage financing.

    Why Choose Us?

    • We develop ethical and transparent relationships with our colleagues.
    • Implement a proven system that will continuously provide sound, predictable, winning results.
    • Commit to rigorous screening and due diligence practices to ensure successful outcomes.
    • Remain accessible and responsive to our clients.
    • Developing and nurturing loyal relationships with our partners.

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