March 2017

Should I rent OR buy

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Should you buy a home, or are you financially better off to rent? This is a question that has intrigued many people.  Those who believe you are better off renting suggest that if you invest the amount you would need to buy a home, and then also continue to invest the difference between renting and [...]

January 2017

No Money or Zero Down payment

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Looking to buy a Home with No Money or Zero Down payment Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the options of buying a home with either “no money down” or “zero down payment” are no longer available! Escalating home prices, a slow economy, and low interest rates have resulted in the rules getting tightened [...]

October 2016

Stress-Free Financially

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Home Purchase Solutions' mission is to: Help financially challenged families, who are Committed to improve their credit situation, Choose and buy a home of their own, while Taking action to qualify for conventional mortgage financing. Financial stress is one of the most serious issues faced by families. It is very close to the stress resulting [...]

Tracking Expenses – How & Why

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In a previous article, “How to become financially stress-free”, I made it a point to suggest there is a lack of basic knowledge on how to handle money. You might say “handling money is not a problem – I earn it and I spend it”. And you would be right until, maybe – suddenly you [...]

January 2016

What to Know about RTO

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Renting to Own a Home has been an adopted method of purchasing homes since the 1950's. However it is not widely known as a solution to help renters towards purchasing their own home!!! Due to the recent economic changes, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain financing for some families leaving a feeling of [...]

Explore your Credit Score

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We often hear the term "Credit Score" but what does this really mean... Our Credit Score defines your creditworthiness by associating a value to you which could be an R.. or something along the lines of 720 or higher, or simply put it helps define or evaluate risk when lending money to you. So [...]

Debt, Mortgage and Budget

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If your finding it difficult to secure financing for a mortgage, falling behind on mortgage payments or overwhelmed with the countless ways which are offered to overcome debt your not alone. There are many individuals trying to overcome the hurdles that limit your options to become a home owner, or remain in your home if [...]

Budget for Success

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How often do you visualize your success? Income, Credit and spending behavior Many people may equate a nice car, large income or new boat to a financially successful individual. However there are many individuals with fancy cars, big homes and extravagant luxurious items that are not in a great financial position. Spending behavior can be [...]